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AG Prof. Spindler

The main focus of the groups of Volker Spindler and Jens Waschke is the regulation of cell-cell adhesion. Intercellular adhesion is essential for all multicellular organisms. Strong adhesion is most important in tissues exposed to high degrees of mechanical stress such as the epidermis or the myocardium. Cell-cell adhesion needs to be tightly controlled to facilitate tissue integrity but also to permit tissue repair or transmigration, i.e. of immune cells through the endothelium. Vice versa, cell adhesion molecules shape cellular behavior by regulating a multitude of intracellular signaling events. In view of these essential functions, it is not surprising that alterations in cell-cell adhesion can result in a variety of devastating diseases. For instance, impaired cell-cell adhesion causes blistering skin diseases (pemphigus) and sudden cardiac death (arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy) and contributes to inflammatory bowel disorders (Crohn’s disease), sepsis (through endothelial dysfunction) and cancer.

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